Medical Professionals

“I love that ZENii combines its skincare approach to provide vital ingredients from both inside and out. The topical skincare range uses high quality clinically proven ingredients in luxurious products that are a delight to use. The Skin Fusion supplement is an absolute favourite of mine as it contains a superior quality high strength marine collagen combined with other hero ingredients that are vital for skin, hair, joints and more!”
Dr Amy Hughes – Aesthetic Doctor

“The anti-oxidant serum is a true hero product and suitable for all skin types, this is a must have in your skin regime. Not only will it help to improve your skin; it also prevents damage and forms a crucial part of an anti ageing protocol”
Dr Sophie Shotter – Cosmetic Doctor

“I think ZENii could take on the Cosmetic Giants one day. Its concept of combining nutraceutics with topical skincare is genius and I am sure its going to be a hugely successful UK brand.”
Dr Hilary Jones – Gp, Author, TV presenter

“I love the ProClear acne supplement from ZENii. It has some of the best ingredients for acne skin neatly prepared in a capsule to help reduce inflammation, encourage healthy skin repair and improve skin glow. Highly recommend it for acne patients”
Dr Terry Loong – Author of ‘The Hormonal Acne Solution’

“I chose to stock the ZENii health supplements in my clinic as I strongly believe in a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. The ZENii range is very complete and well researched. I am using the Vitamin D and Optimise Clear Skin myself, loving the fact that Bromelain and other anti-inflammatory ingredients are included in the supplement. I am loving the range and so are my patients.”
Dr Liesel Holler

“While SPF will certainly help protect your skin from photo-ageing, using antioxidants on a daily basis will deliver superior protection. A cocktail of proven ingredients including vitamin C, niacinamide and vitamin E, the ZENii Antioxidant Power Serum protects your skin against free radical damage and helps to repair photo damage.”
Dr Natalie Blakely 

“I have been using the ZENii Antioxidant Serum now for over 6 weeks and have noticed distinct changes in my own skin. These changes combined with the care and attention to detail Dr Ward has put into its development has made it a key ingredients in my own skincare and one I can’t wait to recommend to patients.”
Dr Benji Dhillon

“If I’m going to take a supplement or use a product, I like to see visible results! I’ve been taking these Collagen tablets by ZENii and my skin has never looked better!… I have definitely noticed my skin is clearer, firmer and brighter!”
Dr Clara Hurst

“We love the branding, ethos & ideology of ZENii. The fact that it is formulated by a doctor means our patients trust it implicitly.”
Dr Sally Dollan

“I can honestly say that since using the clear skin supplements combined with fantastic products, my skin has improved significantly.I will most definitely be advocating ZENii within my clinical practice.”
Amy, Aesthetic Nurse


“Marrying nutrition with skincare, ZENii, the brainchild of Dr Johanna Ward, is a must for pollution-ravaged skin.”
Clare Sanderson -Editor Women’s Health

ZENii Boost – “Designed to help reboot Collagen and Keratin, this plant-derived feeder provides skin, nails and hair with nutrients that begin to deplete naturally with age.”

“This synergistically formulated, intelligently curated skin health “twin set” designed by revered Harley Street specialist Dr Johanna Ward delivers a double-layered, one-two punch to seriously up your skincare game from the inside out and enhance your wellbeing.”
Fiona Klonarides – thebeautyshortlist.com on Skin Health Gift Box

“Rich in vitamins C, B5 and E, this overnight repair cream fights cellular damage and rehydrates skin properly.”
Refinery 29 on Micronutrient Repair Cream

“This cocktail of antioxidant powerhouses immediately sank into my skin and before I had time to layer on my Hyaluronic Acid, it had left my skin feeling plump, conditioned and smooth. Since then I have looked forward to applying this serum every morning.”
Skin Health Magazine on Antioxidant Power Serum

If you’re thinking of using an everyday antioxidant serum then why wouldn’t you try this!
Nadine Baggot – Beauty journalist on Antioxidant Power Serum

“I’ve recently started using the ZENii Antioxidant Power Serum. Packed with skin antioxidants to repair and protect the skin, it helps the skin to fight back against the city smog.”
Fashion Mumblr

“I know it’s working because come morning, my skin is supple, healthy-looking and rejuvenated. I can’t stop touching my face after using this. The Micronutrient Repair Cream is packed with all goodness of ingredients like your Aloe Vera, Jojoba oil, Collagen, and Vitamin E just to name a few. I call this ‘miracle in a tub’.”
Bernie – Beauty Blogger ‘A Dose of B’

“High grade intelligent skin and wellbeing supplements like ZENii’s ProCollagen Capsules are effectively no longer a “maybe/optional” addition to your skincare regime, they’re virtually mandatory if you are serious about the health of your skin.”
Fiona Klonarides – thebeautyshortlist.com


“Thank you @DrJohannaWard for the most wonderful facial with @ZENiiSkincare your products are so amazing.”
Kristina Rihanoff – Professional Dancer

“I’ve been using the ZENii Radiance Roller now for a few weeks. Amazing product! I’ve used a few rollers in the past but this one seems much better than my other ones and is a great price. After using the roller in the evening (as instructed) the next day my skin looks so radiant and fresh! Recommend it highly!”
Marissa, Kent (PR & Events)

“I have been using the ZENii skincare range for a few years now & would not buy anything else. I have tried & tested so many brands, but ZENii is my number one. It has transformed my dry & grey looking skin into the dewy smooth glow I always wanted.”
Joanna, London (Sports Agent)

“After having my little girl 10 months ago my skin was tired and lacking moisture. After using ZENii finally I have my beautiful glow again. My ultimate favourites are the SPF 50 and the skin Omegas. I truly recommend these to all!”
Natasha – Kent (Office Manager)

“Having quite sensitive skin I’m very picky about skincare and have been loyal to one brand for years. I got the chamomile and papaya cleanser a few weeks ago and haven’t used my old brand since – I have noticed a real change to the texture of my skin and the smell is amazing!”
Rachel- London (Solicitor)

“I’ve been taking the ZENii supplements (ProCollagen and the Skin Health Gift Box) and I’ve seen such a difference in my skin. It’s quite sensitive and can be quite difficult sometimes, but after taking these it feels more balanced, and the texture is more even. Overall I’ve seen I have a more radiant and healthy looking complexion, which I’m obviously over the moon about.”
Kirsty-Anne, London (Model)

“I have been using ZENii Salicylic Acid Exfoliator and Hyaluronic Booster Serum for a few weeks now and my skin is the best it has ever been! I have suffered with extremely oily skin and acne for years and after just a few days my skin was clearer and my pores so much smaller!”
Jenny – Kent (Retailer)

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